Wheel technology has seen various evolutions in engineering processes, safety testing mechanisms and materials; these scientific turn-over have led to various revolutions of carbon fiber as a production material through the ages. Carbon fiber has taken various shapes in the mechanics of the automotive industry. With so many applications in both land and air mechanics we are yet to witness the highest potential of carbon fiber in its versatility. Here is a timeline on the evolution of carbon fiber in history:

  • 1958 – Marks the introduction of carbon into the market, formed by carbonizing rayon under extreme high temperature. This paved the way for innovations that were soon adopted by the automotive industry.
  • 1969 – Carbon fiber found itself in aerospace for aircraft passenger jet manufacturing.
  • 1981 – Formula one racing adopted the use of carbon fiber. This was first launched by the McLaren MP4/1 racecar. It was its first debut as vehicle parts and made a huge impact on the race tracks
  • 1986 – kestrel brought carbon fiber to bicycle manufacturing, which provided balance, structure and quality to new bicycle products
  • 1992 – McLaren F1 series became the first car to launch a carbon fiber chassis, which provided lightness and strength for race cars.
  • 1996 – The next line of progression for carbon fiber was helicopter blades, where it provided flight safety and enhanced overall performance.
  • 2008 – The extremely durable and light weight CR9 wheel was the first carbon wheel to hit the market.
  • 2009 – The Boeing 787 dreamliner adopted carbon fiber for various major components like the wings. This made the craft lighter and assisted in aerodynamics
  • 2015 – ford took up the mantle and improve on previous attempts by designing standard carbon fiber wheels for various race track vehicles like the Mustang Shelby GT359R

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