Let’s get down to business! You need a luxury wheel for your gorgeous new sports car and you need it now. We have taken the liberty of going through the statistics and analyzing various wheel brands to bring you nothing but the best recommendations. However, you should understand that these wheels and wheel brands are leading brands, the absolute best of the best, the optimus prime of wheels and therefore might cost a pretty penny. When it comes to wheels we advice that you maintain the status quo by going for personality boosters. Are you ready? Here they come;

Motiv Luxury Wheels

Of all the luxury brands in the market, Motiv wheels have caught the eye of big names in the automobile industry and for good reason too. The brand employs topnotch wheel technology in manufacturing the most exotic designs in the market. Notable series are – Motiv 414AB Modena, Motiv 417MBT Montage, & Motive 409B

Konig Wheels

Imagine having a list of best luxury brands without Konig, how weird would that be. The brand has absolute control of the luxury wheel market; manufacturing sturdy, elegant wheels with perfect fitments and jaw dropping finishes. Series to look out for are – Konig 24B illusion, Konig 16mb Lace and Konig 39G dial-in.

TIS wheels

This brand innovatively combines an aggressive look to luxury, giving you that tough, road monster look. The wheels are lightly exotic and peculiar, made from the highest quality of wheel elements under advanced technology. There is no competition for the TIS as far as luxury wheels go. Notable series to look out for are – TIS 535MB, TIS 541BZ, TIS 536MB, and TIS 546BM.

Platinum Luxury Wheels

You can’t get finer wheels anywhere! The platinum simply seduces you with fine touch and completely alien design. Give your Luxury car the best look it can ever have with these bad boys – platinum 200HB, Platinum 440U, Platinum 436U Gemini, Platinum 292B Saber FWD, and my personal favorite – platinum 122B Wolverine.

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